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Common Causes of Weld Breakage in Band Saw Blades

Weld Breakage in Band Saw Blades

Common Causes of Weld Breakage in Band Saw Blades

If your band saw blade is undergoing weld breakage when you use it, there may be a number of reasons things have gone wrong. Typically, weld breakage is thought to be a manufacturing issue, however, there are a wide variety of issues that can occur that cause this type of damage. We?ll help you avoid further weld breakage by making the proper adjustments to your band saw blade. Even though many of the problems are unique, keep listening to learn about the most common problems with band saw blades.

First, you should check the tension on the blade and make sure that it is not too high. If the diameter of the wheel is too small, than a weld break is likely to occur in your saw blade. Furthermore, if the blade rubs up against the wheel flange, a weld break is likely to happen.

Next, you need to check that the guides are not worn or frozen into place. If the feed rate is too high or if there are chips that get stuck in the guides, than a weld break is a danger for the blade. Additionally, the feed system needs to be working correctly in order to keep weld breaks to a minimum. Internal stress pinching on the blade is another common and avoidable cause of weld breaks.

Weld breakage is generally thought of as a manufacturer problem but there are many instances where the problem may be avoided with a simple adjustment to your bandsaw. Although many cases are unique, the following list of problems are the most common reason for bandsaw blades breaking at the weld.

  1. Tension too high.
  2. Wheel diameter too small.
  3. Blade rubbing against wheel flange.
  4. Guides worn, or frozen in place.
  5. Feed rate too heavy .
  6. Chips stuck in guides.
  7. Feed system not working correctly.
  8. Internal stress pinching blade.

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