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Q© 906 Series Q©Bi-Metal Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

  • Ideal for sawmill and industrial settings for cutting wood.
  • Suitable for cutting a diverse range of wood types, including hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Equally efficient for non-wood materials due to its high-speed steel (HSS) edge.
  • Bimetal Construction: A fusion of high-speed steel (HSS) cutting edge with a robust spring steel back.
  • High Cutting Speed: Designed for efficient and quick cutting without compromising quality.
  • Precision Edge: Maintains consistent sharpness throughout its lifespan, ensuring clean cuts every time.
  • Durability: Resists wear, heat, and stress, minimizing frequent blade changes.
  • Cost Efficiency: Offers long-term savings due to its extended lifespan and reduced replacement needs.
  • Versatility: Performs excellently in diverse cutting scenarios, from intricate woodworking to demanding sawmill tasks.
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If you place an order without using the Blade Wizard and end up having to return or exchange because of the wrong length, there will be 20% Exchange or Re-stocking fee.

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The Q 906 Bimetal sawmill blades, are often used in industrial settings for cutting wood, offer several advantages due to their unique construction that combines two different types of metal.

The 906 Bimetal sawmill blades offer durability, resistance to wear and heat, versatility, and increased cutting speed, making them an excellent choice for various woodworking and sawmill applications.

While the 906 Bimetal Blade comes with a higher initial investment, its extended lifespan and minimal need for replacements result in substantial long-term cost savings. Make a prudent choice for your operations with a blade that combines reliability and financial value.

Unmatched Durability: The 906 Bimetal Band Saw Blade is designed to endure the toughest cutting challenges. Its innovative construction combines a high-speed steel (HSS) cutting edge with a robust spring steel back, creating a blade that resists wear, heat, and stress. Say goodbye to frequent blade changes and hello to sustained cutting power.

Precision in Every Cut: Whether you're cutting through hardwoods, softwoods, or challenging materials, the 906 Bimetal Blade guarantees clean and accurate cuts every time. The HSS cutting edge maintains its sharpness, ensuring consistent performance throughout the blade's lifespan.

Elevated Efficiency: Elevate your operational efficiency with the 906 Bimetal Blade's high cutting speed. Its unique design allows for faster cutting without compromising on quality. Witness increased productivity and reduced downtime, translating to tangible cost savings.

Reduced Vibration:, Quieter Operation: Experience the difference in operation with reduced vibrations and minimized noise. The combination of the flexible spring steel back and rigid HSS cutting edge offers smoother cutting, enhanced blade longevity, and a quieter work environment.

Versatility Redefined: From intricate woodworking projects to demanding sawmill tasks, the 906 Bimetal Blade excels across a spectrum of applications. Its adaptability to various wood types and cutting scenarios makes it a versatile tool for professionals who demand precision and performance.