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Q© 601 Series - Qsaw© M42 Bimetal


Qsaw 601 M42 All Purpose Band Saw Blade:

  • Designed to be a "Go To" blade for cutting steel "One Blade Cuts It All"
  • Hi carbon steels, stainless steel, alloy steel, structural steel cutting applications
  • This blade expands the ranges of sizes and shapes that can be sawed successfully without changing blades


  • 5-7 degree positive rake angle
  • M-42 cobalt high speed steel edge
  • Ground tooth form 


  • Fast Cutting Rates
  • Long life on moderate to difficult to cut materials
  • Long life on moderate to difficult to cut materials, low cost per cut

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Use the Blade Length Wizard to double-check that you are ordering the correct length for your saw. The number 1 reason for returns or exchanges is ordering the wrong length.
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We will build your Q601 M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade to your requirements. Select Width, Thickness and Tooth Pitch by Clicking a Circle.
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Width Thick 1.1-1.41.4-2.01.5-1.92-33-444-65-866-108-1210-141414-18
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3/8" .025             
3/8" .035              
1/2" .025         
1/2" .035          
3/4" .035          
1 .035        
1-1/4" .042         
1-1/2" .050           
2 .062          
2-5/8" .062          
For 1/2" blades we recommend 0.025 for sizes 7'9 1/2" (93.5 inches) and shorter.

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If you place an order without using the Blade Wizard and end up having to return or exchange because of the wrong length, there will be 20% Exchange or Re-stocking fee.

When you place an order using the Blade Wizard, Exchanges due to ordering the wrong length are no cost (including shipping) and there will be no restocking fee for wrong length orders.

 Q© 601 M42 Bimetal Custom Band Saw Blade

One of the most popular saw blades online, the Q© 601 M42 Bi-metal is designed to be an all-purpose, high-quality blade. We custom build each blade to have aggressive tooth geometry and a fatigue-resistant backer. By setting the teeth alternately on the left and right side at regular intervals, we break up the regular tooth pattern to reduce noise and, therefore, vibration and chatter.

This saw blade's long-term durability and capacity for cutting a wide range of alloys makes it a great option for steel service centers, medium to large manufacturers, fabricators, and tool and die shops. Get the blade you need crafted to your exact specifications.

  • Resists heat, abrasion , and shock
  • Can be used in horizontal and vertical machines
  • Idea for contour and general purpose cutting
  • Carbon steel
  • Chrome steel
  • Tool steel
  • Die steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel based steel
  • Structural
  • Pipe and tube

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