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Q© 905 Plus Series Q©Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades


  • Optimal for Saw Mills: Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of sawmill applications.
  • Wide Wood Compatibility: Excels in cutting a variety of wood types including softwoods, hardwoods, knotty, and even frozen woods.
  • High-Performance Ripping: Ideal for wood processing and ripping tasks, essential for workshop operations.


  • Superior Carbon Construction: Made with top-grade carbon for unmatched toughness and longevity.
  • +6% Wider Blade: Offers a broader cutting surface for enhanced stability and performance.
  • +15% Increased Beam Strength: Robust design for greater resilience and reduced blade deflection.
  • +37% More Durable: Superior longevity compared to competitors, minimizing blade replacements and downtime.


  • Extended Blade Life: Offers 100% more re-sharpens, significantly increasing the lifespan and value.
  • Efficiency and Precision: Designed for rapid, accurate cuts, boosting productivity while minimizing waste.
  • Cost-Effective: Longer lasting use and fewer blade changes lead to significant savings on replacements and maintenance.
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Use the Blade Length Wizard to double-check that you are ordering the correct length for your saw. The number 1 reason for returns or exchanges is ordering the wrong length.
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If you place an order without using the Blade Wizard and end up having to return or exchange because of the wrong length, there will be 20% Exchange or Re-stocking fee.

When you place an order using the Blade Wizard, Exchanges due to ordering the wrong length are no cost (including shipping) and there will be no restocking fee for wrong length orders.