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Aftermarket Davis & Wells Replacement Parts

Compatible Davis & Wells Band Saw Replacement Parts


  • Our Davis & Wells Band Saw Guides Assemblies are available for upgrading and replacement of worn or inferior guides.
  • Our Davis & Wells guide upgrade kit provide full blade contact for maximum accuracy via all-ball-bearing support for smooth low friction running. They are well suited for general purpose work.
  • Eliminate contacting a local Dealer and spending valuable time on the phone when you can click and we ship!


  • The Davis & Wells upgrade kit updates your saws performance through the use of precision machined brackets and all sealed bearing roller guides. This provides your saw with reduced blade friction, improved cutting accuracy, and is adjustable for blade widths from 3/16" to 1"
  • Backed by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
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Davis and Wells 20 Bandsaw Guides
Band Saw Guide Upgrade Conversion kit
Black Iron Guide Replacement Parts

Davis and Wells 20" Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kit

Optimized Roller Bearing Guides for Davis and Wells 20" Band Saw

Optimize your band Saw with Precision Black Iron Band Saw Guides Upgrade Kits:

Product Information
Blade Size 3/16" to 3/4"
Stabilizer Kit CTR5
Thrust Wheel 1 3/16"
Machine Size 20"
Machines Designed for Davis and Wells

The Davis and Wells 20" Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kit - Premium Roller Guides

Introducing the essential upgrade for your Davis and Wells 20" band saw with the Davis and Wells 20" Guide Kit. This kit, featuring Carter's model 500 roller bearing guides, is engineered to enhance your saw's performance through cooler operation and extended blade life. The durable 500 guides are perfectly suited for a variety of woodworking tasks, including general cutting and resawing, and are designed to fit Davis and Wells 20" models precisely for easy installation.


  • Specifically designed to upgrade Davis and Wells 20" band saws, significantly boosting saw efficiency and performance.
  • Engineered for seamless integration, ensuring immediate improvement in operation and cooling.
  • Adaptable for a wide range of blade sizes, from 3/16" to 3/4", accommodating diverse woodworking projects.


  • Utilizes Carter's model 500 roller bearing guides for reduced blade heat and enhanced life.
  • Improves overall cutting performance with cooler operation and less friction.
  • Custom-fit for Davis and Wells 20" band saws, ensuring a perfect upgrade path.


  • Extends the life of saw blades, lowering costs and downtime for replacements.
  • Delivers precise cuts for higher-quality finishes and reduced material waste.
  • Enhances the user experience with smoother operation and less maintenance.
Product Details
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Blade Size 3/16" to 3/4"
Stabilizer Kit
Thrust Wheel 1 3/16"
Blade Size 3/16" - 3/4"
Blade Width 3/16" to 3/4"
Machine Mfg Davis and Wells
Machine Size 20"
Product Guide Kits
System Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kit
Stabilizer Kit
Thrust Wheel 1 3/16"
Product Image
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